Faiyaz Siddiq Koya led the Fijian to GuangdongChinaThe Minister for Industry, Trade and Tourism, Hon. Faiyaz Siddiq Koya on Sunday, 24 January 2016 led the Fijian delegation to the second Trade and Investment Seminar, as part of the Trade and Investment Mission to Guangdong, China.

This Seminar was held in Jiangmen City and was attended by over 50 business representatives. The Chinese delegation to the seminar was led by the Director of Jiangmen Foreign and Overseas Affairs Bureau, Mr. Liang Fuming and included key business leaders representing the Jiangmen Federation of Industry and Commerce, Jiangmen Chamber of Commerce, Association of Foreign Investment Enterprises, travel and tourism industry, communication and various other industries.

“Jiangmen city has a population of 4.5 million and has the highest number of locals that are now living and investing overseas, which makes them the number one city in terms of overseas Chinese. Over 4 million former residents of Jiangmen live in over 107 countries around the world and are counted as the richest Chinese in the respective countries. Therefore, this Seminar enabled Fiji to establish important network with the Government and Business representatives of Jiangmen, which will also enable Fiji to establish links with Chinese who have invested in other countries around the world” said the Hon. Minister.

“We have been very impressed with the level of interest from the business community in Jiangmen to invest in Fiji, especially in the areas of tourism, tour companies, light manufacturing, agro-processing, imports of agro-products to name a few”, added Minister Koya.
“There is a lot areas in which Fiji and Jiangmen can cooperate in, which includes, Government Administrative Services, micro, small and medium enterprise development and establishment of a credit facility for micro, small and medium enterprises”, added the Hon. Minister.

The Hon. Minister further added that the trade and investment seminar set the platform for Government-to-Government discussions, which was further elaborated during the one-to-one meeting with the Mayor of Jiangmen, Deng Weigen. Jiangmen city is a prefecture level city in the Guangdong Province and is the administrative capital of 5 other cities, Taishan, Kaiping, Xinhui, Enping and Heshan. The manufacturing sector plays a significant role in the Jiangmen economy and the main industries include motorcycles, household appliances, electronics, paper, food processing, synthetic fibers and garments, textiles and stainless steel products.

“The meeting with the Mayor of Jiangmen established critical political ties and goodwill that we, through the Trade Commission/Consul-General’s office based in China, will capitalize on. Additionally, we need to use the historical links that we already have with Jiangmen, through over 200 Fijians of Chinese descent, who were part of the first Chinese settlers in Fiji”, added Minister Koya.

This trade and investment mission has been very successful and we will be obtaining endorsement from Hon. Prime Minister and Cabinet on the way forward, in terms of realizing the opportunities that are available in China, through an action plan. We cannot let this opportunity slip by not acting now”, stated the Hon. Minister.