MEDIA RELEASE: Activation of Tourism (Disaster Management) Response Team (TRT)

As a precautionary measure, the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism has activated Tourism (Disaster Management) Response Team (TRT), on Monday, 9 March 2015, which will be chaired by the Permanent Secretary for Industry, Trade and Tourism.

“Following the National Disaster Council Meeting, which was held yesterday and the activation of DISMAC, the Ministry also decided to take a proactive approach and bring all the key stakeholders in the tourism industry together on a single communication platform” said the Minister for Industry, Trade and Tourism, Hon. Faiyaz Siddiq Koya.

The role of TRT is to ensure that the industry is immediately updated of the weather situation and other related development on a real time basis.

“The Ministry is the link between the Tourism industry and National Disaster Council, DISMAC, Fiji Meteorological Office, Divisional Commissioners Offices, Fiji Roads Authority (FRA), Water Authority of Fiji (WAF) and Fiji Electricity Authority (FEA) and will coordinate information to and from the agencies, to ensure that the Tourism stakeholders are immediately informed” said Hon. Koya.

The Permanent Secretary for Industry, Trade and Tourism, Mr. Shaheen Ali stated that the Ministry is working very closely with DISMAC to obtain regular updates and information on Tropical Cyclone PAM. It is important to keep the industry updated through one contact point to ensure that resources are strategically utilized and if required, mobilised in a timely fashion.

The TRT consists of representatives from Fiji Hotel and Tourism Association, Society of Fiji Travel Associates, AFL, Fiji Airways and Tourism Fiji.