Media Release: Ministry of Tourism Works Towards Modernising The International Visitor Survey

The Permanent Secretary for Industry Trade and Tourism Mr. Shaheen Ali on Tuesday signed a contract with StollzNow Research and Insight Advisory to prepare the 2013 and 2014 International Visitor Survey Report for Fiji.

The Permanent Secretary for Industry, Trade and Tourism, Mr. Shaheen Ali on Tuesday, signed a contract with StollzNow Research and Insight Advisory, to prepare the 2013 and 2014 International Visitor Survey Report for Fiji.
“The International Visitor Survey Report provides a quantitative and qualitativeassessment of the visitor arrivals. This report gives an overview by quarter of the number of visitors that visited Fiji and the reasons for their visit, the activities they were involved in and also the regions that they had stayed in” said the Permanent Secretary.
After a lapse since 2010, the Ministry has recommenced this project. The difference this time around would be that the project will also focus on developing capacity within the Ministry to operate and use the specialised data software, which will enable the immediate generation of data and basic report” said the Permanent Secretary.
“We expect to have the 2013 and 2014 Reports completed before the end of the year, after which the Ministry will take over data compilation and analysis, including for years that were not covered” said Mr. Ali.    
“The Ministry has plans to modernise the International Visitor Survey by making it electronic and paperless. The Ministry’s IVS officers stationed at the Nadi Airport will also use electronic tablets rather than pen and paper, making the experience of visitors responding to the questionnaires more convenient. We will also review the questionnaire that is currently being used for the survey” added the Permanent Secretary.
“Having an electronic system will enable the Ministry to have up to date data, which can be sorted by country of origin of the visitor, the length of stay, the activities participated in and the most importantly the region in which they spent most of their time” said Mr. Ali.
Mr. Neil Stollznow was delighted to be part of the programme again this year and indicated that he is willing to assist the Ministry in modernising the survey and to train the staff on the use of the specialised software.
The Permanent Secretary further added that the information will allow the Ministry to develop appropriate and timely policies for the tourism sector. This will also enable the Ministry to work with the industry stakeholders to identify tourism plans in areas which have large tourist numbers and also coordinate with relevantGovernment agencies for the development of appropriate infrastructure.
“Modernising the International Visitor Survey is a vital strategy of the Fijian Tourism Development Plan that will focus on the quality and high yielding markets and products by having up to date and readily available data to facilitate responsive and proactive tourism policies to grow the sector” added Mr. Ali.