Government Promotes Way To Be Pacific Hub

The Trade Policy Framework will contribute to the fulfillment of Government’s vision of a ‘Better Fiji for All’ and establish Fiji as the international hub for trading in the region.

These were key remarks by Permanent Secretary for Industry and Trade, Shaheen Ali at the Trade Policy Framework Validation Workshop yesterday at Holiday Inn Suva.

“It will determine how to connect all the dots and address our production capacity, supply-side constraints, linkages to markets, with the ultimate objective of enhancing Fiji’s position in global trade,” Mr Ali said of the framework’s outcome.

The Trade Policy Framework, he said, would capitalise on positive reforms and growth Government had undertaken in recent years with unprecedented economic growth since post-independence.

This is through the provision of a long-term plan that will ensure the continuation of coordination and consistency of policies that improve the general business environment and enables trade.

“We need to realise that we are a team, not individual agencies working in isolation,” Mr Ali told participants who will oversee the draft of the framework.

“We need to seize the opportunity to form effective public-private partnerships, and together contribute to a shared vision.”
He re-emphasised the objective of the framework which was to position Fiji as an internationally competitive economy serving as the Hub of the Pacific.

“The purpose of the framework is to ensure continuation of coordinated and consistent approach in our national development agenda.

“Also to better maximize development gains, by enhancing Fijian industries, investment, exports of goods and services, as well as advance Fiji’s interest in international trade negotiations.”

Yesterday, the workshop was held behind closed doors and is understood that consultant, Professor Robert Scollay would fine tune the framework.


The work on the Trade Policy Framework began in July the past year, with a familiarisation workshop held in Suva followed by a number of other workshops in the same year.

(Source: Fiji Sun)