A-G encourages Fiji investments

NEW Zealand investors and former Fiji citizens are urged to invest in Fiji to enjoy government incentives.

Speaking at the official opening of the Business Mission-Fiji for Fijians trade workshop, Attorney-General and Minister for Industries and Trade, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum said investors could take advantage of this.

"The general message that we have to investors who are interested in Fiji in terms of taking advantage of the opportunities is that you need to ride the wave now," he said.

Fiji's Honorary Consul in Auckland Harish Lodhia said members of the delegation were made aware of several incentives including tax holidays, reduced duty and other benefits available to foreign and local investors.

Facilitator of the visit and New Zealand premier Indian radio station Radio Tarana managing director Robert Khan said the delegation would meet with industrial and commercial organisations, ministries, government officials and people of specific professions linked to their businesses.

"Following the expression of interest by New Zealand companies and entrepreneurs, we were able to finalise the extent and scope of the delegation in Fiji," Mr Khan said.

He said the most important consideration was to understand the needs of business people.

The workshop for the trade delegation from New Zealand this week will end tomorrow. (Source: The Fiji Times)