‘Fijian Crafted’ will empower citizens: Ali

The launch of the Fijian Crafted brand, is focused on empowering Fijian citizens said Permanent Secretary for Industry and Trade Shaheen Ali.
He highlighted this as the ministry took to the streets on Friday to launch the brand as part of the Government’s brand of Fiji Made-Buy Fijian campaign since 2011.

“It is focused on empowering our citizens, especially the grassroots, and providing them with an avenue for income generation,” Mr Ali said.
“Our artisans and crafters form part of the micro, small and medium enterprises sector, which contributes approximately 10 per cent towards the Fijian economy.

But the exact contribution of this segment has not been fully captured in the national statistics.

And in doing so the campaign and the launch of the “Fijian Crafted” logo will provide the platform for crafters to be mainstreamed and share in Fiji’s economic growth, he said.

“Fijian Crafted is a brand that identifies and benchmarks Fijian quality, standards, skilled craftsmanship,” he said.

“The logo differentiates our authentic Fijian crafts and contemporary pieces from handicraft made in other countries.”

The brand represents authentic Fijian crafts, made by Fijian crafters with Fijian materials.

Tourism benefits

The brand would enable our small and micro entrepreneurs to benefit from the tourism market he added.

“For the first time, visitors to our shores will be able to identify authentic Fijian made arts and crafts by looking for the Fijian Crafted logo before purchase.

“The success of the Fijian Crafted brand is dependent on the support from all stakeholders, especially from the private sector and Fijian public at large.
These areas can be from construction sector and interior designers could once again revive the authentic Fijian motif in their designs and construction he added.

(Source: Fiji Sun)