Plans for Fiji-PNG relationship boost

Fiji will build on the very strong relationship which has been established with Papua New Guinea.

Fiji’s High Commissioner to Papua New Guinea Romanu Tikotikoca, in his briefing to the Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama, said he was grateful for the strong relations between the two countries that had been further strengthened by the Prime Minister’s state visit to Papua New Guinea.

Mr Tikotikoca said during his visits to some provinces in PNG, elders had talked about Fiji’s contribution to the development of PNG over the years.

Some talked about the hardworking and faithful missionaries from Fiji who helped spread the good news to the people in PNG.

“”They talked about the wonders Fiji missionaries did and how they treasured it,” Mr Tikotikoca said.

In an interview at a Fijian gathering on Friday night at Boroko, Mr Tikotikoca outlined his plans on how to foster relations with the provinces as he had mentioned to the Prime Minster.

The High Commissioner to Papua New Guinea said with the business partnership now secured he would work on the people to people relationship at the provincial level.

This new relationship – the province to province sister relationship, according to Mr Tikotikoca ,will be more effective at people to people level. His visit would start with the province chiefs and will go down the ranks.

The idea behind this new relationship is for provinces of the two to share ideas and reach an agreement on what they could be sharing with each other.

“They could visit each other and learn of the lifestyles they lived and they could also be business partners,“ Mr Tikotikoca said.

He said he would begin this programme as soon as possible and was optimistic this new relationship could have far reaching benefits.

(Source: Fiji Sun)