Ministry Commends Private Sector Support

himen PS

Mr Himen Chandra (Right) handing over the display cabinet to Mr Shaheen Ali, PS IT 

The Permanent Secretary for Industry and Trade, Mr. Shaheen Ali acknowledged the support of private sector in making the “Fijian Made-Buy Fijian” Campaign a success.

“The private sector forms the backbone of the economy, through creation of employment and generation of income and the Ministry appreciates the support the sector has given to the “Fijian Made-Buy Fijian” Campaign.  ” said Mr. Ali.

 “The Fijian Government embarked on this initiative in partnership with the private sector in 2010, to encourage the growth of the Fijian economy towards self-sufficiency and prosperity. The campaign aimed to position Fiji as an internationally competitive economy in the near future. It is imperative that this partnership approach is sustained to take the Campaign forward for economic development and well-being of our people”, he said.

This Campaign has been made successful with the equal support from the private sector, whether it is assisting the Government in building a quality brand or collectively participating in displays and tradeshow.

This partnership was further cemented today with the donation of a display cabinet, by Mr. Himen Chandra of Comfort Home Furnishing to the Ministry of Industry and Trade. The donation has boosted the efforts of the Ministry to showcase the 405 products belonging to the 63 licensed companies.   “This cabinet, which is “Fijian Made”, will enable the Ministry to proudly display all products licensed under the Campaign.  This further reflects the commitment of the private sector to making the Campaign a success.” said the Permanent Secretary.

The partnership will be further elevated by the combined public-private sector Committee that is working towards a three-year marketing plan to give the “Fijian Made-Buy Fijian” Campaign a formal marketing structure and establish audit procedures to maintain the creditability of the campaign.

“Branding and recognition are vital for any product to compete in the domestic and international markets hence, the marketing plan will outline the branding strategy to raise the standard of the campaign” said Mr. Ali. 

Mr Chandra stated that the Campaign provide the support and promotion of local investors, which had been lacking over the years.  Therefore, it is the responsibility of the business community to provide the necessary support to the Government.

Mr. Ali assured the private sector that “the Fijian brand and image is second to none and the branding campaign will enable the reach of these products to be expanded further and the Fijian Government will facilitate market access where possible”.

The Ministry encourages the public to contact the Ministry or visit the Campaign website: www.fijianmade.gov.fj and Fiji Made Facebook Page for further information on the Campaign.