2012 Yeosu Expo in Korea

SAM 8731

The Yeosu Exposition opened on 11 May 2012, with 109 countries participating.

The Permanent Secretary for Industry and Trade, Mr. Shaheen Ali, who is also the Fijian Commissioner of Sections, had the opportunity to visit the Exposition in Yeosu this month.

Mr. Ali stated that "Fiji is housed in the Joint Pacific Parvillion, with Vanuatu, Palau, PNG, Tuvalu, Kiribati, Tonga, Samoa, Marshall Islands, Timor Lester, PDR Loas, and El Salvador and records over 30,000 visitors in a week. This number is expected to increase over the coming weeks as the Expo has completed the first month".

The theme for the Expo is 'The Living Ocean and Coasts'. "This theme is linked to humankind knowledge of, and adaptation to the oceans. It is also linked to the coasts and identifying ways to resolve the challenges faced by our environment, in relation to trade and development practices" said Mr. Ali

The theme is very appropriate and relevant to Fiji and the Pacific as it promotes the coexistence and interdependence of the ocean and people through preservation of our marine ecosystem.

We believe promoting creative and sustainable maritime activities will improve the lives of our people. Fiji is committed to the protection and sustainable development of maritime resources hence it is a party to a number of regional and international conventions, which includes the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, South Pacific Forum Fisheries Agency Convention and Convention on Biological Diversity.

"Fiji's booth is complete with Fijian made products and cultural items in place for display," said Mr. Ali. Fijian products such as Pure Fiji and Pacific Green are well established in the Korean market and we see this expo as an opportunity to create inroads for other Fijian products as well.

Fiji is preparing for its National Day at the Yeosu Expo, which will be held on 21 July 2012 and will be led by the Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama, along with the Attorney-General and Minister for Industry and Trade Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum.  The National Day programme will display Fiji's unique culture and ceremonies, such as the traditional yaqona ceremony of welcome that will be accorded to the Prime Minister followed by Fijian entertainment which will captivate the Korean audience.