Trade Commissions

The role of the Trade Commissions is to promote Fiji and secure trade and investment opportunities overseas. The four (4) Commissions in Los Angeles, Taiwan, Shanghai (Consulate-General), and Papua New Guinea are responsible for undertaking investment and export marketing missions, organise/participate in trade and investment exhibitions, create and strengthen networks with relevant public and private stakeholders.  Trade Commissions are also responsible to undertake market research in order to identify potentials for investment and export opportunities available in the host country and relevant regions.

Jitendra Singh
Trade Commissioner
Fiji Trade Commission
5777 W Century Blvd, Suite 1585
Los Angeles
CA 90045
United States of America
p:  1-310-645-2136
f:   1-310-645-2137
Website: www.fijitradela.com

Karai Vuibau
Trade Commissioner
Fiji Trade and Tourism Representative Office In R.O.C.
Tel: 02-2757-9596 #12  Mobile: 0987365072
Fax: 02-2757-9597
Website: www.fiji.org.tw