The Department is responsible for the administration and enforcement of the following laws:

National Trade Measurement Decree 1989 and its associated regulations;

This Decree provides for:

  • Control and use of measuring instruments through periodic inspections. This is to establish whether or not such instruments furnish fair and just measure readings and the units of measure used are in compliance with the prescribed Fiji legal Units of Measurement.
  • Licensing of measuring instruments, repairers and sellers;
  • Maintenance of Fiji’s Primary, Secondary and Reference Standards of Measurement;
  • Marking and Labeling of pre-packed articles;
  • Checking accuracy of purported quantity in pre-packed articles.

Trade Standards and Quality Control Decree 1992

The Decree is intended to:

  • Ensure that goods and services sold are of an acceptable and uniform standard;
  • Remove from the market place any dangerous and unsafe goods;
  • Ensure that warning statements are issued on any dangerous or unsafe goods.

Some of the associated Regulations enforced by the Trade Standards Unit under the Decree are:

Fiji Trade Standards Unit signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Standards Australia International in 1998, which gave Fiji a platform from which it approached standardization issues. The MoU gave the Unit the opportunity to adopt and modify Australian Standards as Fiji Standards. This site is maintained and administered by Standards Australia on behalf of the Trade Standards Advisory Council and the Unit. Full list of Fiji’s standards are found on the link: www.pasc.standards.org.au

Consumer Credit Act 1999

The purpose of the Act is to provide a legal framework for the provision of credit-by-credit providers.

These legislations require the Department to take an active role in:

  • Conducting on-going consultations with all the interested parties including trade, industry and consumer organizations;
  • Advising consumers and various sectors of trade and industry of their rights and obligations under the Legislation administered by the Department;
  • Establishment of appropriate standards for goods and services;
  • Educating the community on fair trading and consumer issues; and
  • Ensuring that staff is adequately trained to efficiently carry out the functions of the Department.
  • Carrying out investigations on consumer and trader complaints on alleged breaches of the legislation and where appropriate take enforcement action.