Nature’s Way Co-operative

Co –Operative Exporting Fruits and Vegetables           

A local enterprise venturing in the export of fruits and vegetables has established itself through perseverance over the years.

In fact it is fast becoming a household name for Co-operative oriented businesses in Fiji. Natures Way Co-operative Limited was conceived in October 1996 outside Nadi Town and has been operating Commercially in marketing local farm produce like Breadfruit, Eggplant, Mango and Pawpaw to overseas clients. The Manager Mr. Michael F. Brown indicated that a number of growers have steadily increased their contribution to the company for exports in recent years.

Natures Way Co-operative was established in 1995 to undertake mandatory quarantine HTFA treatment on behalf of Fiji’s fruit and vegetable export industry. The emergence of Natures’ Way Cooperative (Fiji) Ltd has contributed substantially to Fiji’s capability to become a significant horticultural exporter.

Natures’ Way Cooperative (Fiji) Ltd (NWC) is a registered cooperative owned and operated by the Fiji fresh produce export industry.

A registered Cooperative governed by the Cooperative Act of 1996.

Factors contributing to success of NWC

  • The quality and continuity of management.  
  • There has been no government interference in the operations of the business. 
  • An appropriate public private sector partnership.
  • Shareholders have not interfered in the day to day operations.
  • Quarantine treatment fees have been set at an economic rate from the outset - enabling the business to meet operating costs, fund repairs and maintenance, invest in expansion and make “rainy day” provisions for events such as cyclones and trade bans.
  • The business was able to quickly move to a level of plant utilisation that yielded to a positive cash flow.  

Benefits of NWC as A Cooperative

Operating as a formal registered cooperative has served NWC reasonably well in its 16 years of operation.  There have been two major benefits:

  • Under Fiji Cooperative Act, a new cooperative is entitled to a 8 years tax holiday..
  • There has been a steady increase in exporter members of NWC.   A principal objective of cooperative is to expand its membership.   This would not necessarily be the case for a limited liability company providing services.
  • markets for the business.
  • The four major fruit fly host products that undergo HTFA quarantine treatment are as follows:
  1. Papaya
  2. Eggplant
  3. Mango
  4. Breadfruit