Friendly Cleaning Services Co-operative Limited


The formation of the Friendly Cleaning Services Co-operative Limited in 2009 came about when the Government through the Ministry of Health made known its intention to outsource its non-clinical services in all its Divisional Hospitals. Hence the Cleaning Services was one of the outsourced services.

It was with great appreciation to our Government, for opening up the market for ordinary people, to be given the opportunity to participate in the market during the tender bid process.

The Friendly Cleaning Services Cooperative Limited was registered on the 22nd Dec 2009 with the aim of maintaining employment for existing hospital housekeeping staff. This Worker Co-operative signed a contract with the government on 01/12/2010 and commenced its operation on the 02/12/2010.

Initially this cooperative had 31 members; however some of the members were retained by the Hospital hence a drop in the number of membership.

Daily Operation

Its day to day business operation is handled by its supervisor and the cooperatives clerk. With its final decision making is made by its Board of Directors. This cooperative has created new employment for 40 individuals.

The Department of Cooperative ant the Ministry of Health have been the technical advisers to the Board of Directors and its member since its establishment in early 2009.

Achievements To Date

  • Creating Employment

To date the Co-operative provides employment for 40 individuals, an increase from the initial 32.

  • Standard of Cleaning

General comments from senior officials of the hospital have been encouraging, in terms of the general cleanliness of the hospital and they continue to strive for improved service delivery.

  • Gender

Workers are dominated by women however the male counterparts are very supportive and they comprise of about 10 % of the workforce.

  • Celebration After Completion of a Year of Service

The Co-operative, on 16 December 2011 celebrated its first year of operation. It was celebrated with an Awards night for the workers at Nadi Bay Resort and the Chief Guest was the Commissioner Western Division, Mr Joeli Cawaki.

The Awards night will be an annual event.

Future  Plans

To diversify into other income generating cleaning venture such as:

  • Cutting grass
  • Securing other cleaning contracts
  • Purchase of required fixed assets such as floor polishing machines and water blasters,
  • Training of Board of Directors and employees for improved decision making and service delivery
  • Improvements of service welfare, social clubs, insurance and to encourage thrift and saving for members and workers.


This co-operative is a model Worker Co-operative where members fully utilize their skills in cleaning services.

Friendly Cleaning Services Co-operative Limited looks forward to venture into other investment opportunity that will come their way.

The Board of Directors and members of this Co-operative would continue to appreciate Government’s commitment in opening up the market for ordinary people to be given the opportunity to participate in business.


The workers, who are cooperative members, take time to show off their uniforms and cleaning equipment’s around the Lautoka hospital.