Registration of New Co-Operatives

Condition for Registration

A group may apply for registration if it has 10 or more members who are above the age of 18 years.

Registration Procedure:

The above group of 10 or more people meets for the purpose of forming a “formation committee”.

The Formation Committee:

This committee consisting of at least 7 persons who shall:

  • organize meetings of entire membership to discuss the objects and operations of the proposed co-operative;
  • compile a list of prospective members and a record of probable share capital contribution;
  • prepare the proposed by-laws; (Please download Standard By Laws here)
  • undertake all other necessary activities for the purpose of preparing the cooperative for registration as a business entity.

The Founders Meeting:

The Founders’ Meeting is convened by the Formation Committee after all registration documents are prepared and that the business is ready for registration.

At this meeting:

  • the prospective members shall formally decide to form a co-operative and sign a written declaration to this effect;
  • a register of members shall be opened;
  • the proposed by-laws shall be approved;
  • the first office bearers of the cooperative shall be elected.

Registration Form: (Please download here)

The application for registration is made on the prescribed form to be submitted to the Registrar of Co-operatives with the following;

  • a copy of the minutes of the founders meeting;
  • the proposed by-laws signed by the applicants;
  • a list of the office bearers, their names, addresses and qualifications;
  • the registration fees of $115.00
  • feasibility study report or business plan giving all budget plan estimates and cash flow forecast of the proposal

Approval for Registration

If the Registrar of Co-operatives is satisfied that the Co-operative has complied with the provisions of the Co-operatives Act, the Registrar shall then approve registration and signs its by-laws. A certificate of registration will then be issued.