The Unit provides financial support services to the Ministry and its Statutory Agencies. This includes sound advice and information to assist in strategic decision making. The Unit is responsible for managing the Ministry’s Cashflow, timely financial reporting and preparation of budgetary submissions.  It also ensures efficient financial management and control which are necessary to support all the activities done by the Ministry.

The Finance Unit is led by the Director Finance and it comprises of a total of 17staff.  The Unit has 4 sections namely Procurement, Salaries & Wages, Payments and General Ledger. The Procurement Section ensures the Ministry’s Goods and Services are purchased, recorded and disposed of as per the stipulated guidelines and regulations.

The Salaries & Wages Section ensures all employees of the Ministry are paid accordingly and in a timely manner.

The Payments Section ensures that all necessary local and overseas payments are done accordingly and as per the stipulated regulations.

The General Ledger Section ensures timely Financial Analysis and Reporting are done and necessary funds are available for procurement and payments.

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